Discover NYC !

Complète le questionnaire en visitant les liens à ton rythme. N'oublie pas que tu peux utiliser un dictionnaire en ligne pour t'aider avec le vocabulaire.

  1. Look at the map

  2. Find the 4 nicknames (nickname = surnom)

  3. Label the 5 boroughs (borough = arrondissement, quartier)


  1. Find the name of the main international airport

  2. Look at DuckDuckGo Images

  3. The name of the place before being called the 9/11 Memorial
  4. Find the most famous NYC monument

  5. Find the tallest building/skyscraper


  1. Look at the map of Manhattan

  2. What can you see on Broadway Avenue ?

  3. What's special about the street names

  4. What color are taxis in NYC ?

  5. The name of the museum

  6. the famous shopping avenue (look at the list of shops !)

  7. Explore the map
Discover NYC!

Discover NYC!